Friendly's Concierge Plus+

        Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Concierge Plus free to me? 
A: Yes, Concierge Plus is free to Friendly Chevrolet customers who have purchased a vehicle from us. It includes an additional 3 years of the Basic GM Maintenance, which is free on all new Chevrolet vehicles sold at retail (excluding Fleet or Commercial sales) and all GM Certified vehicles (excluding Cadillac).

Q: If I Have Concierge Plus, do I still get a Free Loaner Car when I bring it in for service?*
A: Yes, Free Loaner Cars are available for service, but free loaner vehicles are not available for service visits requiring ONLY the Concierge+ service.

Q: Does Concierge Plus cover all of my oil and filter changes? 
A: Yes, Concierge Plus covers all scheduled oil changes for 5 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first) or up to 10 total within that time. The oil and filter changes are not to exceed the factory warranty time period on GM Certified pre-owned vehicle.

Q: What is included in the Multi-Point Inspection? 
A: The Multi-Point Inspection is a full check of your vehicle including: remaining engine oil life, tire wear, wiper blades and glass, fluid levels, brakes, battery condition and connections, OnStar subscription, and many more...

Q: Can I Use Concierge Plus at other dealerships? 
A: Concierge Plus is only good at Friendly Chevrolet.

Q: Can I buy a car at a different dealership and still get the Concierge Plus at Friendly Chevrolet? 
A: You have to buy your vehicle at Friendly Chevrolet in order to receive Concierge Plus.

Q: If I buy my car at Friendly Chevrolet and use Concierge Plus can my friend use it for his car? 
A: Concierge Plus only applies to the vehicle you purchased.

Q: Are all GM products covered with the Concierge Plus? 
A: Cadillac is not covered by Concierge Plus. However, all new Chevrolet and GM Certified vehicles, including Hummer, Saturn, and Buick are covered with Concierge Plus.

Q: Can I sell my Concierge Plus to any of my family members or friends? 
A: Concierge Plus has no cash value.

Q: Can I transfer my Concierge Plus to any of my family members or friends? 
A: Concierge Plus is non-transferable.

Q: Is Concierge Plus available on Medium Duty or Light Duty? 
A: Concierge Plus is not available on Medium Duty or Light Duty.

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*The CONCIERGE+ free five-year or 100,000 mile maintenance gift with purchase program contains no cash value. CONCIERGE+ is available only to the original purchaser and is non-transferrable should the vehicle be traded, sold, or disposed. CONCIERGE+ includes up to eight visits over a five-year period or up to 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Each service visit includes a complimentary oil and filter change, tire rotation, and multi-point inspection if performed during the program period. Friendly Chevrolet reserves the right to use preferred products. Requests for oil upgrades and oil products are available at the customer's expense. CONCIERGE+ is not a warranty nor does it replace any parts or repair any damages. Free loan cars may be reserved for non-quick service appointments as well as non-appointment visits for non-quick service repairs based on availability upon arrival. Eligible CONCIERGE+ vehicles include new Chevrolets and certified pre-owned GM vehicles per the GM Certification Program. Ineligible vehicles include Corvette, Volt, one-ton or greater, and commercial purpose vehicles. CONCIERGE+ is exclusive to Friendly Chevrolet. Please contact Friendly Chevrolet with questions or for assistance at (214) 920-1900, 2754 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, Texas, 75207,