Windshield Wipers

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Windshield wipers are the unsung heroes of your car. Wiper blades are engineered to perform in rain, sleet, and snow, which is what they’re designed to do, but being thin flexible rubber, wiper blade lives are finite. This summer has been extremely hot, and that severe temperature has a negative impact on your windshield wipers. Too convex or concave, and the wiper blade will fail its crucial job of keeping your windshield visible.


If you’re noticing streaking, or even wide swatches of water that the wiper is not picking up, it’s obviously time to replace the wipers. The good news is that windshield wiper blades are relatively inexpensive, and our technicians can do it quickly for you. Please don’t wait on this!


In less common circumstances, you may have to replace the assembly arm of the windshield wiper, as it can become bent, and stop functioning properly. Your service advisor will let you know if this is the case.


As a reminder, wiper blades are on the list of items that is inspected for your car’s annual inspection, but visibly is crucial, so there’s no reason to wait if you’re seeing a problem.


Friendly Chevrolet is currently offering $6.00 off and free installation on Wiper blades! Schedule your service today!


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